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From the very beginning our goal as a firm has always been unparalleled excellence – something that can only be achieved in finance and accounting through reliable systems and processes. This is why Shannon Spurlin chose the name “Reliable Bookkeeping Solutions, Inc.” when she started the company in 2008.

Since then, the demand for accuracy and precision has become more than an internal goal; it has become the expectation of our clients. With a highly qualified team, advanced technology solutions for tracking and reporting, and an expanded suite of services, our company has become a standard of excellence in the industry, both locally and with our clients throughout the United States.

In 2016 we evolved our name to reflect this standard. A “touchstone” is a piece of refined stone used to test the quality of gold – literally, the standard by which gold is measured. As a leader in organizational bookkeeping and accounting services, we take pride in being the standard by which organizations can glean a true sense of their profitability and make the best decisions.

“Our vision remains unchanged – to equip the most growth-minded organizations
with the tools they need to succeed.”


CFO Services

We are the partner who works with you
to create and manage the systems that
equip you to make solid fiscal decisions.

HR Consulting

We help you achieve and maintain
compliance with the most current
human resource requirements.

Management Advisory Services

We use hard data to help you make your
plan for the future, and offer data-driven
insights when possible.


Data entry, account reconciliation, check
printing, and payroll are the chores that
keep your business running. We do it all.

“It’s so easy to fall behind as a small business owner, but Touchstone keeps us on track. Their expertise, organization and incredible attention to detail save us countless hours and dollars each year.”

Tim Thompson – Founder, Owner

“Managing the books and finances are the most difficult part of owning a business to me. After struggling with it for ten years I hired the Touchstone team, and highly recommend their timely and trustworthy services.”

Randy Rothfus – Rothfus Family Dental
Partners Experts

Shannon Spurlin

Touchstone Accounting was founded by Shannon Spurlin in 2008. She has over fifteen years of accounting experience and is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor. Shannon graduated from Southern Oregon University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and a Certificate in Human Resources Management.

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Lindsay Southerland

Lindsay Southerland

Lindsay brings a diverse set of skills to Touchstone Accounting. She graduated from Southern Oregon University in 2010 with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education. After graduating college Lindsay worked in the medical and insurance field including: insurance coordination, front office, administration, coding and billing, and occupational health with a focus in worker’s compensation.

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