Bookkeeping Services

Touchstone Accounting provides full charge bookkeeping services.  Our bookkeeping services include entering daily transactions, account reconciliation, bill pay, invoicing, check printing, asset tracking, inventory and cost of goods sold tracking, and payroll services.  We manage your accounts payable and accounts receivable to ensure accurate and timely payments. At Touchstone, we use technology to streamline these tasks to deliver precise financial reporting.

Many potential clients come to Touchstone behind on their record keeping.  We specialize in historical cleanup.  We bring our clients accounting records current in a timely manner and put policies and procedures in place to make sure their accounting stays up to date.  Touchstone assures the books will remain organized and tax ready.

Account Reconciliation

Reconciliation is the primary tool available to you to ensure that your accounting is accurate and complete on a regular basis.

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A/P and A/R Management

For many businesses, cash flow is much more important than profitability.

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Assets Tracking

Meeting IRS requirements with your depreciation schedules can be a real challenge for a lot of small businesses.

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Bill Pay

We manage, process, and approve payments online to make sure your bills are paid on time.

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Our professionals will compile your payroll data, calculate wages and taxes, and file all of your necessary reporting documents.

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Data Entry

We ensure that your accounting is current, accurate, and complete so that you’ll have peace of mind.

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Expense Reporting

Detailed reporting produced monthly, quarterly, and annually that accurately tracks the cost of doing business.

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Historical Cleanup

We bring your accounting records current and make sure they remain organized and tax ready.

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Inventory & COGS Tracking

Gain control over your inventory and effectively manage its flow through your business.

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Invoicing / Collections

We streamline your customer invoicing and collection process to ensure you get paid on time and get cash in the bank faster.

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