CFO Services

Budgeting, forecasting, and performance review are the cornerstone of a successful growing organization. Our CFO services include these offerings and more. We help organizations move beyond “driving via the rearview mirror,” to proactively managing their finances and planning for the future. Helping bridge the gap between accounting and decision making, our CFO services add an additional layer of insight into your operations.

Touchstone offers a cost-effective way for small to medium businesses to improve their finance and accounting function. Utilizing outsourced CFO services allows businesses to expand their strategic resources without committing additional resources to wages and related expenses.


Indecision can cost your business, but so can paralysis through over-analysis.

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Cash Flow Management

Planning for current and future cash requirements is key to the success of an organization.

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Expense Reporting

Detailed reporting produced monthly, quarterly, and annually that accurately tracks the cost of doing business.

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Financial Statements

Financial statements. You know you need them, but which ones do you need?

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Ready to take financial control of your organization?