One of the most important bookkeeping tasks associated with running a business is payroll. It is critical that you pay your employees (and yourself) on time, accurately, and with the proper tax withheld. This in itself can be time consuming, but you must also take into account that the laws are constantly changing. Half the battle is staying current with all of your requirements.

That’s where Touchstone comes in. Since all we focus on is your financial situation, and we have many clients who are facing the same issues as you, you can count on us to keep you safely meeting all of the requirements. Never miss a reporting deadline, or take your eye off of the daily activity of your business to worry about it, again.

We compile your payroll data, calculate wages and taxes, file all of your necessary reporting documents, and keep you apprised of the whole process.

We make sure that payroll is all up to date and accurate for you, with more knowledge than the typical office manager and with the added value of a tax professional and CPA in-house.

Financial control empowers controlled growth.

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